These reborn baby dolls are not intended as toys for small children.  I use only the highest quality products in the reborning process, and much time and care are put into creating the most lifelike baby possible for mature collectors.  Reborning is truly a "labor" of love and a wonderful reminder of  the gift of having a newborn baby.

Welcome to Fruit of the Womb Nursery where, through the art of reborning," an ordinary play doll or vinyl doll kit is transformed or "reborn" into a collectible work of art that looks and feels like a real baby.  This is not simply "customizing" a doll, but painstakingly achieving the highest level of realism possible over a period of many days. 

Laurie Sánchez, Doll Artist

I love to watch someone hold a reborn baby doll for the first time.  Almost  immediately, the baby doll is being cuddled, patted and even rocked.  When someone picks up or lays the baby doll down, he or she instinctively supports its head just as carefully as if it was a real baby.

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